On an initiative of the Ministry of Culture, the Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap), in partnership with the Association de développement et de recherche sur les artothèques (ADRA), is launching a call for applications for an order for prints.

Open to the diversity of artistic practices, this call for applications is addressed to artists developing prospective and experimental research in all fields of visual arts that may give rise to the production of a print.

In the continuity of the orders for multiples and prints initiated by the Cnap in partnership with the Adra, the command «Times change» offers visual artists the opportunity to grasp this assertion in the form of a mantra or relative injunction to give a visual interpretation and propose a print of which 48 copies will join the collections of the art libraries and the Cnap.

As part of this commission, artists working in the visual arts sector are expected to answer the following questions with a print project: What is their vision of the present and what is it based on? How does this vision determine a possible representation of the future? All questions likely to give the viewer keys to imagine perspectives that are both imaginary and real and to see how, from the point of view of artists, “times change…”

The purpose of this order is to 10 multiple original works. The dimensions of the prints must be between mini: 70 x 100 cm and max: 130 x 90 cm (landscape or portrait format). The works will be able to mobilize all the traditional and contemporary techniques of prints. 

The Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap) is the central operator of the Ministry of Culture for support to the visual arts. He manages the National Contemporary Art Fund and manages several support schemes for the direct benefit of professionals in the sector.