DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - In 2023, the residency program proposed by the opposite of the slopes will again allow 8 artists to settle each a week in refuge (Ecrins National Park)

The residency program is dedicated to artists enrolled in a contemporary approach, wishing to develop a project in a natural site, in order to anchor their creation in this territory by questioning its multiple aspects – the landscape and its specificities (geographical, geological, climatic, etc.), planning policies and its various actors, the world
animals and plants, shelters as architecture, its uses and functions, its guardians, visitors, etc. – and thus to propose a singular reading.

Particular attention is paid to the fact that artists do not have a privileged creative space. They will therefore be asked to take their place in this very specific environment by accepting the constraints related to the rules of use of the place, promiscuity, rhythms, schedules, etc.
It will therefore be a question of developing an artistic project adapted to the site, including the material they will have to assemble themselves.

Download the call for applications

- Appel à candidature - l'envers des pentes - 2023.pdf

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With the support of the DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes