The PETR Coeur des Hauts-de-France and the Hauts-de-France Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate are calling for applications for a residency-mission, in the direction of artists of all fields of expression.

What is the principle behind this call for applications?

The Santerre Haute Somme belongs to the national network of «Cities and Countries of Art and History»Its territory covers three communities of communes (Terre de Picardie, Haute Somme and Est de la Somme), or 144 communes.  

The Santerre Haute Somme offers a sociological and artistic reflection on 3 heritage sites emblematic of the agro-industrial past of the territory (the Maréchal wasteland in Rosières-en-Santerre being rehabilitated, the Saint-Louis sugar sugar mill in Eppeville in industrial transition and the large mills of Péronne, called Damay mill, planned for deconstruction). Inscribed in the landscapes of Santerre Haute Somme, as a former sugar mill, mill and textile factory, these three industrial wastelands have belonged to companies that have left their mark on the territory. These sites interact with their environment as landscape elements and are intrinsically linked to the social, economic and cultural history of the territory to its construction and changes.

The residence project covers the industrial heritage in conversion and its links to the territory, from three focal points characteristic of the ongoing changes. It is addressed to artists from all fields of expression interested in immersion in the heart of the Santerre Haute Somme, in all its spatial, social and cultural components.

It is a question of questioning the connections between yesterday and tomorrow, between the memory of the inhabitants, becoming of each of the three sites and territorial issues. It questions the view, memory and attachment of the inhabitants to these heritages through the prism of art and through a sociological reflection. This cross-cultural approach of heritage professionals and artists aims to create the conditions for a new relationship of the inhabitants with their territoryits wealth and potential. Each of the wastelands being in a community of communes, the residence is thus in a form of balance and territorial equity.

The residency will take place in Santerre Haute Somme during the second half of 2023from July to December. Depending on the project, it may be extended until early 2024.

How to participate in the call for applications?

Step 1:
Download the call for applications

APPEL A CANDIDATURES - PETR Cœur des Hauts-de-France.pdf

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Step 2:
Send your complete application to:

Application deadline: May 31, 2023 last midnight deadline.

The context

Santerre Haute Somme has been part of the national network of Cities and Countries of Art and History since 2021.

Awarded by the Ministry of Culture, represented by the regional prefect, the label «Ville et Pays d'art et d'histoire» qualifies territories, communes or groupings of communes that, aware of the stakes involved in the appropriation of their architecture and heritage by the inhabitants, they engage in an active approach of knowledge, conservation, mediation, and support for the creation and architectural quality, and the living environment.