The Communauté de Communes du Sud Avesnois and its partners are launching a call for applications, aimed at journalists, for a media education, information and freedom of expression residency on the theme “Talk to your neighbour”

What is the principle behind this call for applications?

Since 2017, the Communauté de Communes du Sud-Avesnois, driven by the desire to reduce inequalities in access to art and culture, has set itself an ambitious goal of generalizing arts and cultural education, has engaged with the Hauts-de-France Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate (DRAC) and the Lille Academy Rectorate in a local arts education contract (CLÉA), which is lifelong and thus takes into account all inhabitants. It is also conducted in conjunction with the Departmental Council of the North and the Belgian entity of Momignies.

It is within this framework that the aforementioned partners wished to renew the presence of this system in the territory by proposing, for the first time, a residence-mission: media literacy, information and freedom of expression (accompanied by a residence-mission in direction artists in the fields of music, sound, voiceThe selected journalists are invited to come and live in the territory and to experiment, explore and act with its inhabitants. The candidacy of duos or collectives is also possible.

These partners are able to launch this offer knowing that they can rely on the collective strength and energy of many local actors. Reference is made here to professionals in education, popular education, culture, social action, health, justice, free time but also to actors (not necessarily professionals) of the associative world, all these people being potential multipliers of the two artistic presences, allowing them to radiate to the maximum.

The period of residence, strictly speaking, is provided for January 29 to May 26, 2024 (period including 1 week of rest). This residency will begin with two weeks dedicated to project montages, as well as meetings that have been scheduled (during the immersion period).

How to participate in the call for applications?

Step 1:
Download the call for applications

Appel à candidatures CLEA Sud Avesnois - 2023-2024 - parle a ton voisin - EMILE.pdf

pdf - 459 Ko

Step 2:
Send your complete application to
(subject: E.M.I.L.E 2023/2024 + first name of the candidate’s.e).

Application deadline: 4 June 2023no later than 11:59 p.m.

 The context

These residencies-missions take place within the framework of the Local Contract of Arts Education (CLÉA) which brings together, on a multi-year basis, the various public authorities that carry this device.  CLEA is aimed at children, teenagers and young adults, in training, students. e or practising their leisure activities in the territory of the Community. In addition, this CLEA is available “throughout life” and is also intended for the entire population of the territory.

All partners

  • Community of Municipalities of the South Avesnois
  • Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles Hauts-de-France,
  • Rector of the Academy of Lille,
  • Direction des Services Départementaux de l'Education Nationale du Nord
  • Belgian municipality of Momignies
  • Departmental Council of the North