DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - The Vaise Media Library (Lyon 9) proposes to host an artistic team in residence, for the development of a project around hip hop dance.

The Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon (BML), France’s first public library, now comprising 16 libraries, offers nearly 3.5 million documents and many innovative services. A major player in Lyon’s cultural life, the Lyon library network organises numerous meetings, conferences, exhibitions and symposia.  Within this network, the Vaise media library is located in the 9th district of Lyon.
A general library, the Vaise media library offers collections and services adapted to the diverse expectations of adult and youth audiences. Since its inception, it has also had a thematic focus on the living arts. It offers a rich collection of more than 11,200 documents on theatre, circus, dance, street arts, puppetry, mime and music hall. It has a large collection of dance and music recordings. It also has an 85-seat auditorium. The Vaise media library is both a meeting place for the living arts but also a place for dissemination and creation. Each year, it organizes numerous cultural events: residencies, shows, public rehearsals, readings, conferences, etc.

- Allow the host company to work on a creative project.
- To link this creative work to mediation activities aimed at audiences of all ages, especially audiences unfamiliar with cultural practices. These actions could be aimed at potential partners such as the Pierrette Augier Social and Cultural Centre, Jean de Verrazanne’s college.
- Involve living arts creators in the life of the Vaise media library: the cultural programming of the media library and the course of the residency will be linked through different actions in order to create bridges between the collections and the work of the company.

Download the call for projects and the application file:

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