The Lyon Municipal Library wishes to organize a residency as a cartoonist/journalist for the purposes of media, information and freedom of expression education, within its public reading network

This residency is part of the dynamic initiated since 2015 on the Lyon library network, on media and information literacy and digital culture.

The objective is to strengthen the existing offer by involving in a continuous way an information professional bringing to the audiences - in particular the adolescent public and the less familiar audiences of the library- an external point of view and tools to develop critical thinking, production and receipt of information.  

The approach will therefore be based on meetings and workshops with targeted audiences to understand the work of the press draftsman and the other facets of journalism professions, to shed light on the conditions for making drawings, on their editorial and economic production issues.  
The workshops should allow a sensitive reception of this object, to understand the variety of styles, messages, cultures that cross it and give keys to read, by confronting it with other genres (press photography, animated images, videos, advertising, works of art, etc.). In his approach to the proposed meetings, the journalist-in-residence should give priority to the participatory and creative approach. 

Download the call for proposals Residency of journalist draftsman

Appel residence dessinateur presse_BmL_2023.pdf

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This project is supported by the Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes