The Hauts-de-France Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate is launching the call for regional projects «Innovative Digital Applications and Devices».

The call for proposals

This call for projects meets several objectives, in particular the strengthening of the research and development in the field of new technologies and its involvement in the field of cultivation It also wants to promote the development of employment in these fields, included in the previous CPER.

In terms of mediation, a second objective is also to leverage through digital access to heritage and culture in partnership or co-financing with local authorities in the Hauts-de-France region, in a dynamic cultural democratization and the transmission of knowledge for various uses of discovery and knowledge of cultural heritage, recreational uses and amateur practices or to encourage specific uses for accessibility, discovery, tourism, higher education and research, the world of education, publishing, etc. in particular to:

  • Facilitate the experimentation of new innovative digital cultural uses in cultural institutions and/or on the internet
  • Promote new approaches to consultation and navigation
  • Stimulate the reuse of digital cultural resources for all audiences
  • Create and develop a partnership between the fields of Culture and ICT
  • Contribute to digital development throughout the region (urban and rural areas)

The originality of the “innovation” system is based on the collaboration, mutualisation and innovation open to the whole territory for the whole cultural field. It is based on a cluster approach, an ecosystem based on the exchange and mutual enrichment of different partnersIt encourages projects that promote values of exchange, sharing and networking.

It aims to create multi-partner cultural digital networks based either on heritage, artistic and cultural axes (libraries, archives, historical monuments, museums, inventory, ethnology, archaeology, artistic creation, audiovisual, cinema...) or on networks of territories (pooling at the scale of a region, city or department stimulating appropriation and personalization by each territory) or on innovative technologies (augmented reality, data visualisation, interactive videos, 3D, etc.).

The creation of networks of actors serving new digital uses is crucial in particular with a view to the sustainable development of innovative digital services.

How to participate in the call for projects?

Step 1:
Download the application file

AAP ADNI HdF 2023.doc

doc - 635 Ko

Step 2:
Send the complete file in text format (odt or doc) to the following address:

Application deadline: Friday 28 April 2023 at 5PM