In the framework of France 2030, the ICC Immersion programme is launched to support the export of cultural enterprises, for a total amount of €10.5 million.

This new programme is aimed at cultural entrepreneurs who are carrying an innovative project and who wish to accelerate their international development in a target market.

The objective of ICC Immersion is to provide selected companies with in-depth knowledge of the target countries in contact with foreign professionals, and to benefit from a 3-phase immersion in local ecosystems to foster networking and business opportunities: 

  1. One to four week hybrid remote immersion 
  2. One to two weeks of on-site collective immersion; 
  3. additional individual immersion up to 6 months for companies for which a longer presence is required (for example for an implementation project).

Four territories with strong market opportunities have been selected to be pilots for the launch of the program in 2022: Canada, the South Korea, Israel and the United Kingdom

Attention : this call for applications runs throughout the year. The closing dates are different depending on the country of immersion. Please refer to the Institut français website for the exact dates :

The program will be expanded to other strategic territories for French CCIs in 2023.  Designed and financed under the France 2030 plan, ICC Immersion is implemented by the Institut français and Business France, in conjunction with the Banque des Territoires (Caisse des Dépôts Group).

For more information on how to apply and to apply:

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Cahier des charges du programme « ICC Immersion »

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