Framework agreement for culture for all and the territorial inclusion contract concluded between Grand Paris Sud Est Avenir and the DRAC for artist residencies for the period 2023/2025.


These residencies deployed as part of this scheme are organized for arts and cultural education purposes by actions irrigating the entire territory in order to reduce inequalities of access to culture that are due to the lack of local cultural offer, the enclavement of certain areas or the fact that certain populations are captive to their living areas. It invites us to reinvest our natural spaces, public places that need to be considered more carefully in order to make society better.

Adaptation of the expression "a healthy mind in a healthy body"

The theme "Natural pulsations and living culture" chosen for the period 2023/2025 is an adaptation of the expression "a healthy mind in a healthy body" the particular context in which the GPSEA Climate Plan was implemented during this period of Covid-19 pandemic exit and Olympic Games watch. It aims in particular to enhance the existing natural heritage and make it more widely known to the population, to initiate artistic and cultural approaches around the various actions of the PCAET (eco-exemplarity, climate, circular economies, etc.) and to invent new dialogues between physical activity and the arts that promote essential gains in terms of well-being, health and living together.

Guidelines for 2023/2025

This call for projects requires targeting the municipalities, districts and public concerned by these imbalances in particular as regards arts and cultural education. As a reminder, the 11-24 year olds represent nearly 18% of the population of the 16 communes of the territory (nearly 60,000 inhabitants) and 6 communes of Grand Paris Sud Est Avenir are concerned by urban renewal programmes (cf. appendix) where more than 8% of the population reside (26,000 inhabitants); neighbourhoods where there are more large and lone-parent families, where the median income reported does not exceed €16,000 (compared to the GPSEA average of €22,480) and where almost one third of the population is below the poverty line (from 27% to 37% depending on the district).


The artists' collective must have a SIRET number and be autonomous in its travels. Vehicle preferred especially for travel in the eastern areas of the territory poorly served by public transport. A substantial contribution is devoted to the remuneration of the collective of artists in order to allocate financial resources and allow the best possible conditions for creation, dissemination and mediation at the service of the inhabitants. A tripartite residence-mission agreement specifying the respective commitments of GPSEA, the host collective and the State is signed before the start of the residence.


Can apply, any artist or professional of the culture or collective of French or foreign artists but mastering the French language. The candidate must have a research and creative activity to his credit, a significant experience in the field of pedagogy and/or mediation and be able to be fully involved in this particular device that represents the residence-mission. Travel autonomy is a necessity, multidisciplinary collectives will be particularly studied.

Application procedures

Application in PDF format (5 MB max) to be sent by email, indicating in the subject line the chosen axis, or via the WeTransfer website: The deadline for applications is 15 January 2023.

  • The choice of an axis in declination of the general theme
  • A note of intent (3 pages maximum) with reasons, the artistic orientations of the proposed project integrating the theme and taking into account the particularities of the territory
  • A note describing a similar experience that will explain the links created between the artist and the audiences met and describe the experiences of mediation and cultural action
  • A presentation file of the artist or collective tracing his approach
  • A list of available works and the schedule of their broadcasts as long as they are programmed on or near the territory to encourage audiences to discover them

For successful candidatesats, the administrative and financial documents will be sent to the Sports and Culture Department of Grand Paris Sud Est Avenir. Over dInformation from CIT referees at the Direction des Sports et de la Culture Tel. 01 41 94 32 06 -

Download the full call for applications