Rize and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs team up again to propose a one-year research-creation residence (July 2023 to June 2024) on Villeurbannais territory to explore new forms of investigation and artistic and scientific interventions in the urban space in connection with the themes carried by the Rize.

The primary objective of the residence is to mobilize the inhabitants, actors and actresses of their territory around creative and experimental approaches, in order to express a sensitive relationship to their city, apprehend it and appropriate it differently. An approach that thus contributes to the construction of shared stories about Villeurbanne.

In this call to project, the term «inhabitant» is understood as follows: any actor or actress of the Villeurbannais territory, anyone who crosses it or transforms it, lives there, works there, studies there, practices leisure activities...
The artistic approach is conceived in a broad way: it designates all the forms and all the devices that contribute to processes of creation and/or experimentation on and from the Villeurbannais territory, in its historical dimensions, memorials, heritage, social, cultural… In addition to the forms commonly referred to as “artistic” (installations, theatre, writing, literature, dance, music, street arts, plastic arts, visual arts, digital arts, etc.) design and manufacturing approaches (architecture, design, etc.) can be considered. at the crossroads of artistic creation, technological innovation and social innovation. It is therefore above all a residence, generating devices to mobilize and associate a diverse panel of stakeholders (artists, residents, associative actors, etc.) through creative approaches.

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