This consultation concerns the design and production of one or more original artistic works under the 1% artistic title for the construction of the new administrative city in Toulouse.

Document Review

Candidates can download the entire dossier and respond to the consultation on PLACE - Platform for Government Procurement

The implementation of the artistic project

Located in the heart of the new metropolitan district Guillaumet in total urban reconquest, partly in an Art Deco style building built in the early 1930s and completely restored and, partly in new constructions, the future administrative city of Toulouse, conceived as a modern, agile, integrated service village, will welcome, before the end of 2024, a little more than 1,600 employees carrying various public policies.

Artistic fields envisaged

The artistic domains envisaged are the plastic arts in general (sculptures, installations, paintings, photographs, graphic design, etc.) but also landscape creation and design. No medium is excluded as long as the technical constraints are respected. Thus, the work can appeal to any means of expression of contemporary creation.

The installation of the work is possible in all the interior and exterior spaces of the project perimeter in compliance with the architecture, the normative constraints of construction and sustainability on the site. The work may consist of one or more elements.

Receipt of applications

No later than 2:00 p.m. on January 6, 2023


Programme de la commande artistique

pdf - 3 Mo

The 1% artistic is a measure that consists in reserving 1% of the amount before tax of any public construction for the realization of a work integrated in the architecture.
Decree no. 2005-90 of 4 February 2005 amending the decree of 29 April 2002 redefines and specifies the conditions for the award of contracts and sets two procedures according to the amount of the "1%", either lower or greater than €30,000 excluding tax, procedure involving the Drac.