Artist residency launched in the direction of an artist or a company in all artistic fields, including the approach, inscribed in the field of contemporary creation, questions the notions of laughter for the benefit of the audiences and professionals of the HOPE centre over the period between January and December 2023. 

What is a Circulations residence?

Artistic presence is initiated for purposes of cultural democratization and more particularly ofarts and cultural education.

It is expected to support a network of professionals working within thehealth facilities The Hauts-de-France region, to carry out artistic and cultural practices. It is essentially intended to federate such a network around an artistic presence, inviting it to appropriate the latter, collectively and sustainably, then to multiply its contributions to its reference audience.

It implies a full and consecutive presence of a professional artist (whose creative work is the main activity, regular, and identified within the public production and dissemination networks), on the basis of 5 days a week full-time, for 5 weeks.

What is the principle behind this call for applications? 

With the support of DRAC Hauts-de-France, the Centre L'ESPOIR wishes to establish an artistic presence.

The HOPE centre is a rehabilitation centre for patients suffering from nervous system or musculoskeletal disorders. The facility has 120 full hospital beds and 50 day hospital beds. It is affiliated with the Federation of Hospitals and Personal Assistance (FEHAP). The non-profit institution is managed by an Association Act 1901. It is located in Hellemmes in the heart of the Lille metropolis and opened on 25 November 1985.

The artistic presence concerns all users of the Centre l'Espoir:
- professionals: psychologist, dietician, speech-language pathologist, computer scientist, administrative manager, medical secretary, health officer, nurse, orderly, safety officer, cook, maintenance worker, cleaning agent, etc;
- patients, families and visitors.

All the centres, all the services, all the places in the centre are concerned:
- day hospital and full hospital care services (floor);
- the technical stage;
- therapeutic services: occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, balneotherapy, gym, etc.

Purpose and issues of the artistic residency 

It is therefore sought, via this proposal, a. e professional artist.le whose approach, inscribed in the field of the contemporary creation, is regularly crossed by the question of chuckle and of its perception.

This theme was devised by the steering committee:

Laughter is necessarily human and allows a detached attitude, an emotional distance.

To understand laughter, we must put it back into its natural environment, which is society, and above all, we must determine its usefulness, which is social. Laughter must meet certain requirements of common life. It must have a social meaning.

Just like the smile which, even if it is guessed under the mask, remains essential to us.

The surprise effect of the artistic presence brings a share of joy and accessibility to the artistic creation process participates. Humour is also poetry, imagination, fantasy, the dream that the teams and staff members of the HOPE centre want to rediscover through this action.

The residency is divided into three phases: 

  • Immersion with professionals of health and medico-social institutions
  • Implementation of actions aimed at school audiences 
  • Sharing 

The duration of the artistic presence is 5 consecutive weeks full-time, to be located in the period between January and December 2023.

How to participate in the call for applications? 

Step 1: 
Download the call for projects 

AAC_Circulations_Centre l Espoir_2023.pdf

pdf - 525 Ko

Step 2: 
Send your complete application to:  and 

Subject: Centre-l'Espoir-AAC Circulations-2023

Application deadline: October 10, 2022 latest deadline 

Results announced October 17, 2022