As part of the current regional music sector contract signed in 2022 for the period 2022-2024, the State (the DRAC Centre-Val de Loire), the National Music Centre, the Centre-Val de Loire Region, Fraca-Ma and Scène O Centre are launching two calls for projects in 2023


The 2 calls for proposals

1/ Professional cooperation:
this call for projects aims to support cooperation involving at least three distinct structures that pool resources for a joint project (action or programme of actions).

2/ Dialogue between musical aesthetics:
This call for projects aims to promote dialogue and inter-knowledge between contemporary and classical and contemporary music. It provides an experimental framework for cooperation aimed at supporting the creation, co-production and dissemination of works and projects, as well as the hybridization of artistic forms and means of production.

Resolution of Calls for Proposals

Applications must be exclusively downloaded and deposited directly on the National Music Centre space.  
If you do not yet have a personal space, be sure to anticipate a 72-hour delay for processing your account creation request. In addition, to access the filing of the file, all project leaders must join the CNM, a free procedure to be carried out from the personal area[1]:  


pdf - 593 Ko

Online application

[1]It is recommended that the holder of projects anticipate his affiliation (or the update of his affiliation) of 20 working days before the deadline for filing the application for the assistance he requests. Below this deadline, the NJC is not able to guarantee the validation of its membership on time, due to the large number of requests to be processed


Réginald Hoffmann (Centre-Val de Loire region) – 02 38 70 33 30
Frédéric Lombard (DRAC Centre-Val de Loire) – 02 38 78 85 36
Fabrice Borie (National Music Centre) – 01 83 75 26 51
Yann Ryk (Fraca-Ma) – 02 47 41 77 49
Hervé Pépion (Scèn'o Centre) – 07 89 85 62 58