IF Export supports international projects by artists, French professionals or based in France (metropolitan or ultramarine) or institutions in the creative and cultural sectors.

The French Institute supports both face-to-face projects, mixed projects (face-to-face and digital) as well as digital projects (if mobility is constrained or prevented), as well as projects integrating digital technology into the creation or production process. These projects are developed in consultation with the French cultural network.

This scheme is open to the following project promoters:

  • Artist, curator exhibition project designer, group, collective, company, French or based in France
  • French cultural institutions or structures (agencies, production offices, publishers, labels, tour operators, etc.)
  • Foreign cultural institutions or structures welcoming French artists (programmers, labels, distributors, publishers, platforms, museums, art centres, festivals, biennials, etc.

It covers the following disciplines: live performance, music, visual arts, photography, design, architecture, digital creation.

What types of projects?

  • Dissemination (tour, monographic exhibition, presence on a festival, on a market, etc.);
  • Cooperation (collaboration between artistic teams or French and international structures, with a common transmission or creation perspective);
  • French highlights (presence of French artists or living in France (metropolitan or ultramarine) in places and major meetings and prescribers).

Priority will be given to projects in one of the following 37 countries with a Cultural and Creative Industries priority mission:
 Africa: South Africa, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia
America: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, USA, Mexico
Asia: China, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan
Europe: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, UK, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey
Middle East: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Lebanon, Qatar

As well as in the following 11 countries:
Algeria, Cuba, Egypt, Haiti, Iran, Madagascar, Mali, Democratic Republic of Congo, Palestinian Territories, Ukraine, Vietnam
Outside these territories, projects can only be eligible for aid if they have a regional dimension, including partners from other countries.


- Call Closed: November 11, 2022
- Selection Commission: mid-January 2023

Application procedures

Before any application is submitted, project sponsors are expressly asked to download the General Conditions of the scheme, as well as the note on the procedure relating to the payment of aid and financial support.

- Procedure for the payment of aid and financial support
- General conditions of the device


Architecture, urban planning, landscape
Monica LEBRAO-SENDRA monica.lebraosendra@institutfrancais.com
Visual arts
Adeline BLANCHARD adeline.blanchard@institutfrancais.com
Circus, street, puppets
Vanessa SILVY vanessa.silvy@institutfrancais.com
Digital creation
Hannah BELLICHA hannah.bellicha@institutfrancais.com
Hannah LOUE hannah.loue@institutfrancais.com
Émilie RENOUVIN emilie.renouvin@institutfrancais.com
Design, fashion, crafts
Laura DAVY laura.davy@institutfrancais.com
Contemporary music, jazz and innovation
Oscar FINJEAN oscar.finjean@institutfrancais.com
Classical and contemporary music
Mathilde BÉZARD mathilde.bezard@institutfrancais.com
Sophie ROBNARD sophie.robnard@institutfrancais.com
Thomas CARRIÉ thomas.carrie@institutfrancais.com

The Institut français

amTheInstitut français is the public institution responsible for the external cultural action of France, placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture.

The French Institute launches numerous programmes and calls every year, in France and around the world, with the desire to promote French culture abroad and to foster dialogue between cultures: project aids, training, expertise, cultural programming offers, residencies.