Residence "creation and transmission" for a theatre company organized by the Direction of Cultural Affairs of the city of Vallauris Golfe-Juan

With the support of the Direction régionale des affaires culturelles de Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, this call for projects aims to support contemporary creation and transmit this creation to the population of Vallauris Golfe-Juan.
The children of the recreation centres of the municipality will be the recipients of workshops of artistic practice around the theatre and the live performance.

  • provision of work space for 45 hours
  • 30 h of restitution to the young public
  • €3,000 fee for the company
  • Cover costs: travel (400 € max), material allocated in the framework of artistic practice workshops (200 € max) and accommodation during the time of presence in Vallauris.
  • Deadline for applications: November 15, 2022 (sent by email to the contacts below)
  • Residency from February 11 to 27, 2023 (option from April 17 to April 21, 2023) divided into 45h of creation and 30h of transmission workshops

Directorate of Cultural Affairs
Ilot Elena - 06220 Vallauris
06220 Vallauris


Appel à projets - Résidence d'artistes théâtre - Vallauris 2023

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