The community of municipalities of Mirecourt Dompaire signed a territorial contract of arts and cultural education (CTEAC) with the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs Grand Est (DRAC), the Department of Vosges and the Académie Nancy-Metz launches a call for applications for residencies of artists or film professionals for the 2023-2024 academic year on the theme "Traces et rencontres: au coeur de la pratique artistique, regards croisés et histoires partagés".

The Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs Grand Est, the Academy of Nancy-Metz and the local authorities partners are working on the implementation of the «Residences of territory» scheme – residencies in the territories involved in a CTEAC Territorial Arts and Cultural Education Contract.

The objectives of this scheme are:

  • Contribute to the national priority of generalisation of arts and cultural education (EAC)
  • Facilitating pluridisciplinarity and transversality within schools and territorial structures
  • Reducing inequalities in access to art and culture
  • Cooperate with socio-educational, cultural and associative actors of the territory to create a link on the territory
  • Support the artistic and cultural presence, as a priority in rural areas

The residency is anchored on the fundamental and inseparable approaches linked to the EAC: practicing within an artistic project, encountering a work through the discovery of a creative process, appropriate the experience to give the desire to pursue and share art and culture. It encourages the discovery and frequentation of places of creation and artistic diffusion.

Residence of territories "Traces et rencontres": cinema

The origins of the project

Within the CT-EAC of the Community of Communes of Mirecourt Dompaire, the partners identified a rural geographical area on which few artistic projects have taken place in recent years. On the other hand, the Cinema was chosen because, despite the omnipresence of the image in the lives of young people, and the presence of venues in the territory, few projects have focused on this artistic discipline. Finally, the theme of this territorial residency is “trace and encounters”, which aims to highlight the experience and encounters between the participants of the project: Artists, participants young or old, coaching staff, associations, technicians, etc.

The territory of the residence

The residence is proposed on the southern sector of the Community of Communes of Mirecourt Dompaire. Soit les communes de : Les Ableuvenettes, Bainville-aux-Saules, Bazegney, Begnécourt, Bocquegney, Bouxières-aux-Bois, Bouzemont, Circourt, Damas et Bettegney, Damas et Bettegney, Derbamont, Dommartin-aux-Bois, Dompaire, Gélvecourt-et-Adompt, Gorhey, Hagécourt, Harol, Hennecourt, Légeville-et-Bonfays, Madecourt, Madegney, Madonne-et-Lamerey, Maroncourt, Maroncourt, Pierrefitte, Rancourt, Saint-Vallier.

Presentation of the theme

How to apply?

A question?

Anne Floris, CTEAC coordinator of the community of communes

Anaïs Guedon, Cultural and Territorial Action Advisor, DRAC Grand Est, Metz site

Sophie Renaudin, Academic Delegate for Arts Education and Cultural Action

Carine Seigner, In charge of arts and cultural education
Departmental Council of the Vosges/ Department of Cultural and Sports Action