Linked by common vocations – working closer to the artists, to highlight the visual heritage and clear unknown areas of art history – the ADAGP and Bétonsalon have teamed up to propose a research grant program aimed at developing the work of an artist working in France, on questions of representation, production and circulation of images, from the photographic collections preserved at the Kandinsky Library.

In 2023, the ADAGP and Bétonsalon launched a call for applications for the sixth edition of this grant amounting to €20,000.

Objectives of the grant

This research grant allows artists to undertake the production of new works in a context favourable to the dissemination of knowledge.

This program is designed as an artistic research platform dedicated to the experimentation of non-linear models of knowledge production and distribution between researchers, contemporary artists, associations, cultural institutions and a wide audience. Initiated in 2017 around the Marc Vaux photographic collection, the program is now open to all the photographic archives of the Kandinsky Library.

Research and Production Grant

This grant is intended to enable an artist to develop a six-month research work on the issues of representation, production and circulation of images, from one or more photographic collections of the Kandinsky Library that he or she can identify. These reflections can fall within the field of art – re-reading art stories, exploring ignored and marginalized life paths, composing new artistic lines…– but also in the very materiality of photographic images – their manufacture, archives, reproduction, exhibition…

The €20,000 of this grant is intended to cover the fees of the winner (€5,000), his production (€10,000) if needed, his or her accommodation costs in Paris, as well as the costs of supporting his or her project (€5,000).

The selection process

The Research and Production Fellowship is awarded by an artistic committee of art professionals that will meet in May 2023.

This year’s jury consists of:

- Émilie Renard, Director of Bétonsalon
- Nicolas Liucci-Goutnikov, Director of the Kandinsky Library
- Lauren Tortil, ADAGP artist
- Abdessamad El Montassir, winner of the ADAGP/Bétonsalon 2022 grant Julien Ribeiro, independent curator

The research period will run for 6 months between September 2023 and June 2024, and will conclude with a public restitution in 2024. This year, exceptionally, the public restitution of the research will take a different form than that of the exhibition.

Application procedures

This call is reserved for French artists: living or working in France for at least 5 years or of French nationality living abroad. Submit your application before Tuesday, April 18, 2023 at 2 pm, including a PDF file (max size 20Mb) with title NAME_NAME_NAME_BOURSE_ADAGP_BETONSALON with:

  • A presentation of your artistic practice (300 words max)
  • A research project for the grant, specifying the photographic fund(s) or documents you identified at the Kandinsky Library (500 words max)
  • A biography (300 words max) and a CV
  • A portfolio presenting your work

This folder should be sent, if required by a large file transfer service, to with the purpose of: ADAGP Application – Bétonsalon

The winner will be announced in June 2023.


Bétonsalon – art and research centre is a certified cultural institution Contemporary Art Centre of National Interest by the Ministry of Culture.
Based at the University of Paris in the 13th arrondissement since 2007, Bétonsalon is the only certified art center located in a university in France.