The Dunkerque Grand Littoral Urban Community and its partners are launching a call for applications for a «soft and sustainable» mission residence for artists from all fields of artistic expression.

What is the principle behind this call for applications?

He is wanted for a residence-mission that will be deployed in the territory of the urban community of Dunkerque Grand Littoral, a professional artist of all areas of artistic expressionand whose research and approach are deliberately included in the contemporary creation.


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The artist will commit to:

  • to imagine with the inhabitants a future more respectful of the environment and the territory and to put it in story by artistic gestures co-constructed;
  • to create spaces of reflection conducive to the sensitive experimentation of the environment allowing the inhabitants to rediscover the territory, to identify existing or future vulnerabilities and to create the desire to act for a more responsible and poetic relationship in life;
  • and thus strengthen the attachment of the inhabitants to their territory.

The idea of “taking the time” will be important: taking the time to walk, dream, observe and slow down in order to nourish your senses and imagination.

On the form, the artist will be required to promote a process of reuse of materials. He will also be committed to promoting “doing himself”. The purchase of equipment for its projects must be done in resourcing centres or “second-hand” locations.

The artist will also favour a gentle mobility on the territory (free buses, bicycles, etc.) and organize his schedule so as to use the car as little as possible.

How to participate in the calls for applications?

Step 1:
Download the call for applications.


pdf - 876 Ko

Step 2:
Send your complete application to:

In the event that the team wishes to add a DVD or a CD to this mailing in order to present additional works or audiovisual documents, it shall specify this in its e-mail and address these documents, by post to the following address:

Urban Community of Dunkerque - Direction de la Culture
Attn: Marie-Noëlle Vermeulen
Naval Pertuis
PO 85530 - 59386 Dunkerque Cedex 1

Application deadline: May 21, 2023 last deadline

Announcement of results: 30 June 2023 at the latest

All partners

  • Dunkerque Grand Littoral Urban Community
  • Direction régionale des affaires culturelles des Hauts-de-France
  • Rector of the Academy of Lille
  • Direction des services départementaux de l'éducation nationale du Nord
  • Northern Departmental Council
  • Regional Council of Hauts-de-France