In response to the recommendations of the SODAVI (orientation scheme for the development of visual arts) which was conducted in Region Centre-Val de Loire from 2019 to 2020, becoming art led jointly with the Network of artists documents the prefiguration of Artists' Documents Centre-Val de Loire. Association de loi 1901, Documents d'artistes Centre-Val de Loire aims to join the equivalent associations of the Réseau documents d'artistes en Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Bretagne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Occitanie, La Réunion and Geneva.

Artists' documents Centre-Val de Loire

Artists' documents Centre-Val de Loire will become an online documentary fund dedicated to visual artists living in the region. The specialized and reactive team will advise artists in the construction of a tool for the representation and dissemination of their work. This ongoing collaboration will be a true professional support during their career. The team will work with each of them to produce and edit monograph files. Editorial productions (films, interviews, podcasts, texts) can be initiated to complete or report on artistic paths.

The website – - currently under development, will be a digital, scalable, sustainable and open access resource. It will be a tool for discovery, visibility and initiatives for both professionals and amateurs.
In support of this documentation work, the association will initiate projects of professional accompaniment, thought in complementarity and synergy with the cultural operators of the territory (workshop visits, public meetings...).

Call for nominations

Each year, a call for applications will be sent to the visual artists of the Centre-Val de Loire region, without age, medium, career level or training restrictions.
Currently in the prefiguration phase, the first artist files will be put online during the year 2024 during the launch of the website Documents d'artistes Centre-Val de Loire.

Selection committee

A jury, composed of art professionals and artists, recognized for their expertise and involvement in the field of contemporary art, will meet once a year to study all the applications submitted. The jury will pay close attention to parity and balance in the geographical distribution of the selected artists. The jury will be partially renewed each year.

The conditions for applying

. Living and working in the Centre-Val de Loire region.
. Professional artistic activity for more than three years.
. Work in the field of visual arts.
. Have a sufficiently committed production to produce documentation.

Artists who wish to submit their application are invited to put together in a single PDF (20 MB max) all the documents listed below and to name this PDF in the following way:
. A note of intent (a maximum page) explaining why you want to start a process of documentation of your work with Documents d'artistes Centre-Val de Loire.
. Full contact information: year of birth, training, contact information, gallery(s), website(s).
. Comprehensive and updated artistic CV (solo and group exhibitions, residencies, public collections, works in the public space, bibliography...), announcement of events planned in 2023-2024.
. Text(s) presenting the artistic approach.
. Visual documentation of the work (photographs of works and exhibition views) with descriptions and legends (unlimited quantity, present a choice of recent and older works allowing to perceive the evolution of the production).
. Links to video and/or audio clips (if applicable).
. As well as all the complementary elements that the artist will find useful to the understanding of his work.

During the committee, the PDF file will be projected on screen as a presentation medium. It is recommended that the visuals are of sufficient size and quality for good visualization.

The file must be submitted online via the following link:

Upon receipt, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Incomplete files will not be taken into account.

The schedule:

. The closing date for this call is 16 July (inclusive).
. The selection committee will meet in September.
. Artists will be notified of the results in October.

The association Projet Documents d'artistes Centre-Val de Loire receives financial support from the DRAC Centre-Val de Loire and the Centre-Val de Loire Region.