The Direction des affaires culturelles de La Réunion (DAC) and the Académie de La Réunion are jointly launching a call for projects for artist residencies in school territory for artistic and cultural education.

The President of the Republic has made arts and cultural education a priority and has set as a goal: 100% of children affected by the three dimensions of artistic practice, attendance of works and meeting with artists, the acquisition of knowledge in the field of arts and culture, starting with priority education areas.

Purpose of residence 

Residency in school territory is one of the specific terms of the “artist residency” defined in the circular of January 13, 2006 of the Ministry of Culture.
The objective is to support a personal and innovative artistic approach of an artist or a collective while proposing a space within a school.   This can be a work of ongoing research or the implementation of a specific artistic project. 

The residence project 

The artistic project is conceived as a sharing of the act of creation and the research process associated with it. It offers a space for openness, reflection and meetings, in which students and teaching teams are involved. It includes a time of transmission to young people and restitution that can be done in or outside the school.
The articulation and porosity between the act of creation, sharing and transmission are at the heart of the identity of this program. 

It is addressed in a privileged way to one or two classes of the school or the host institution while radiating more widely over the whole of the institution and the territory (social cultural structures, local actors), especially during the time of restitution. The project can be opened to other devices: open school, plan Wednesday, ... 
Particular attention will be paid to projects taking place in the territories furthest away from the cultural offer, and the priority education network. 

The project is led by one or more artists, professionals working in all artistic fields and aesthetics : music, theatre, dance, circus, visual arts, puppetry, street art, photography, cinema and audiovisual, design, architecture, literature, poetry, comics, digital arts, fashion, journalism, etc. 

The presence of the artist in the school is fixed at a minimum of 20 days distributed over the 2022-2023 school year, in interaction with the students according to a schedule established with the partners; a presence that can be freely used depending on the nature of the project. More generally, there is a need to balance the observation, mediation and practice phases. 
The link between the educational community and the artist or artistic team can be developed, upstream and/or downstream, as well as during the residency period, notably through information and communication technologies, in compliance with the laws in force concerning the right to the image and intellectual property.

Research and artistic creation projects are real levers to participate in the implementation of the student’s artistic and cultural education path and contribute to strengthen the school-college-high school link.

Residence is the point of convergence between:

  • the artist’s or artistic team’s creative project;
  • the project of a cultural structure;
  • a national or regional event;
  • the artistic component of the school/institution project;
  • the specificities of the territory.

Amount of subsidy

The grant of the DAC of La Réunion is capped at 80% of the total amount of the project. It aims to take charge of artistic interventions.

Constitution of the file

Selection criteria 

Projects will be reviewed by a panel and evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • the quality of the artistic proposal;
  • the suitability of the proposals with the institution’s public and the diversity of the proposed avenues of confrontation;  
  • taking into account institutions classified in REP, REP+, in areas far from the cultural offer, and projects involving school and extracurricular time; 
  • anchoring in the territory and cultural openness;
  • the technical and financial feasibility of the project.

Schedule and dispatch of the dossier

The complete file must be sent by November 15, 2022 electronically to the following contacts:   

Direction des affaires culturelles de La Réunion: 
Marie-Jo LO-THONG: 
Marie-Dominique PICARD:

Reference texts   

To download

Résidence d’artiste en territoire scolaire à La Réunion – Appel à projets 2022

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AAP Résidence d’artiste en territoire scolaire à La Réunion 2022 – Fiche de présentation à remplir

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Formulaire CERFA 12156-05

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