As part of the Local Arts Education Contract (CLEA) throughout life, the Flanders-Lys Community of Municipalities and its partners are calling for applications for a residency-mission in the direction of artists of all disciplines wishing to seize the theme Art-Sport-Culture. 

What is the principle behind this call for applications? 

In the context of the 2024 Olympic Games, the CCFL and its partners wish to take advantage of this great event to question the links between Art and Sport in singular forms and in co-construction with the actors of the territory.

It is therefore sought in view of this residence-mission which will be deployed on the territory of the Community of communes Flandre Lys, an artist, a company or a collective of any discipline wishing to grasp, the theme Art-Sport-Culture, in the dissemination, the co-construction of dedicated projects, or the occasional re-design of public spaces Flanders Lys.
Questioning the movement, the body at stake, the performance, the difference, the commitment, the citizenship, the tension, the confrontation, this residence could make it possible to take an innovative look at the links Art-Sport-Culture by making use of one or more artistic mediums

The residency period, strictly speaking, is scheduled between March and July 2024 (dates to be agreed with the artist or team selected). This is a residence of four full months, consecutive or not, of which the seventeen and a half weeks of physical presence (a total of 90 days) must start over the period of residence. These dates are adjustable to a few days.

How to participate in the call for applications?

Step 1: 
Download the call for projects 

Appelaprojets_CLEA_Flandre Lys 2024- ArtetSport.pdf

pdf - 1 Mo

Step 2: 
Send your complete application package preferably by email, in a single PDF file, to the following address:  
(Subject: CLEA Flandre Lys 2024 – “Art-Sport-Culture” followed by the name of the artist (or company).

In the event that the company or collective of artists would like to add a DVD or a CD to this mailing in order to present additional works or audiovisual documents, it specifies this in its e-mail and addresses its documents, by post to the following address:

Community of municipalities Flanders Lys
Department of Culture
Attn: Ms Catherine WILLEMS
500 rue de la Lys

Application deadline: 31 December 2022 latest deadline 

Announcement of results by early February 2023 


The context 

Motivated by the desire to reduce inequalities in access to art and culture by setting an ambitious goal of generalizing arts and cultural education for children, Community of Communes Flandre Lys in close partnership with the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles Hauts-de-France (DRAC), the Rector of the Academy of Lille – Academic Delegation for Arts and Culture (DAAC) and the Departmental Directorate of National Education Services (DSDEN – North) and in connection with the Departmental Councils of Nord and Pas de Calais, the Regional Council of Hauts-Alpesde-France propose a residency-mission for an artist, a company or a collective of artists of any discipline whose approach questions the link between Art and Sport.

This residency takes place within the framework of the Local Contract of Artistic Education (C.L.E.A) which brings together, on a multi-year basis, the various public authorities mentioned above.

All partners

  • The Hauts-de-France Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate 
  • The Rector of the Academy of Lille
  • The Directorates of Departmental Services of the National, Northern and Pas-de-Calais Education,
  • In conjunction with, the Conseil de départemental du Nord and the Conseil de départemental du Pas-de-Calais, the Conseil régional des Hauts-de-France