Each year, as part of the «Résidences Médicis», the Académie de France in Rome-Villa Médicis welcomes artists, authors and researchers from different disciplines, to enable them to carry out a creative project, research or experimentation for a period of two weeks to two months. During his stay, he may be invited to participate in cultural and artistic activities organized by the Academy.


This scheme is open to persons aged at least 18, French-speaking (without nationality criteria), already engaged in working life, who will have to specify the lines of research, the nature of the work and the motivations of the residence. It is possible to submit a collective project. 
It is possible to apply for all disciplines of literary, artistic and craft creation as well as for a research project in art history or restoration of works of art or monuments.


  • Each of the selected candidates will receive a residency grant. This is a monthly amount of €1,500 gross, paid in proportion to the residence’s temporis. 
  • Accommodation is available. 
  • On the other hand, the costs of return/return transport remain the responsibility of the resident. 

The details of the programme, the eligibility criteria and the composition of the application file are detailed in the downloadable rules below.


pdf - 287 Ko

Nominations must be submitted by June 13, 2023 at noon on a online platform.

The Academy of France in Rome (AFR) is an Administrative Public Institution under the supervision of the French Ministry of Culture, and fulfils three complementary missions:

  • Mission Colbert: to welcome artists and art historians in residence for a year in the Villa Medici;
  • Mission Malraux: to set up an artistic program that integrates all fields of creation and is aimed at a wide audience.
  • Heritage Mission: to preserve, restore and make known to the public the heritage of the Villa Medici, its gardens and its collections.

The Academy of France in Rome Every year, Villa Medici welcomes a new class of boarders.

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