The Odyssée programme supports residencies for foreign artists, researchers and professionals who wish to develop projects within the network of cultural meeting centres in France.

The Odyssey programme is run by the Association of Cultural Meeting Centres (ACCR). The Cultural Meeting Centres (CCR) are places built around an artistic, cultural and intellectual project in synergy with the major heritage site where they are located.

The Ministry of Culture supports the ACCR in its actions to promote intercultural exchanges and the reception of foreign artists and cultural professionals in France

Presentation of residences

The programme concerns artists, researchers and foreign professionals who do not live in France and who work in a cultural sector: performing arts, literature, music, architecture, crafts, plastic arts, theatre writing, animation, photography, journalism, etc.

Two areas of residences are proposed under the call for proposals:

  • residencies in the artistic and cultural fields, applications must then propose projects related to the object of the selected French cultural meeting centres (CCR). Up to 3 different centres can be chosen as the place of residence.
  • If you live in the fields of cultural management and the development of cultural networks, there is no need to choose a JRC, just indicate on the form the professional association (ACCR).

Note that artists can propose a residency project in a centre in France and a centre of the network of cultural meeting centres abroad. The residence project must then correspond to the cultural projects of the two centres chosen. If accepted, the residency will take 2/3 of the time in the center in France and 1/3 of the time in the center of the network abroad.

Link to the list of centres in France, Europe and abroad.

Application file

Online application form via Google forms.

Please note that all questions on the form must be completed, otherwise the form cannot be validated.

Attachments (in file form) will be attached to the form via upload:

  • the resume of the candidate,
  • the project envisaged during the residence, in agreement with the activity and the specific project of the chosen centre,
  • a portfolio of works or links to the recording of musical or theatrical works, etc.,
  • a cover letter,
  • a letter of recommendation,
  • proof of domicile (electricity bill, telephone bill, etc.),
  • a copy of the passport or identity card,
  • a declaration on honour not to have French citizenship and not to live in France.

Attention, before uploading parts to an online form, it is necessary that each document mentioned is correctly named according to the following construction Object NAME First name (examples CV_MARTIN_Francoise.pdf; LM_MARTIN_Francoise.pdf, etc).

Application deadline: March 31, 2023

The association encourages women artists, professionals and researchers to apply.

In the case of artistic and cultural residencies, the association encourages:

  • projects involving two or three centres in France,
  • consultation of the websites of the selected centres. Indeed, research centres are atypical places, far from urban centres, which must be located geographically.

Forecast schedule

  • end of May 2023: meeting of the Odyssey Fellowships Committee,
  • June 2023: publication of the list of winners on the ACCR website,
  • Fall 2023 – Summer 2024: development of residences.

Covered expenses if selected

The selected candidates are awarded a residency grant of 1200 € per month for a period of 1 to 6 months.

Accommodation and meals are offered by the cultural meeting centre where the selected candidate performs his residency.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed up to an amount based on the travel required and supporting documentation.

Wherever possible, residents shall also benefit from the provision of technical means for carrying out their residence project.


Presentation of the 2023 call for projects of the ODYSSEE programme for printing



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