Out of a total of 460 million euros directly signposted in the framework of the recovery plan towards the territories, the Ministry of Culture allocates 160 million euros from 1er January 2021 to support investment in historic monuments, territorial museums, archives and performing arts equipment with:

  • €80 million under the “cathedral plan”;
  • €40 million for the restoration of historical monuments belonging to local authorities and private owners;
  • €20 million for projects to renovate territorial museums and archives;
  • €20 million to support the ecological transition of live entertainment equipment.

174 investment projects in the field of heritage and 46 operations in the field of live entertainment have been identified, on the basis of the proposals put forward by the regional cultural affairs directorates which will ensure direct control of these exceptional resources.

The choices made took into account the maturity of the operations and the necessary balance between the regions. They will help support activity but also continue or accelerate structuring investments, as close as possible to the territories and inhabitants. In particular, they will help ensure the sustainability and development of heritage professions and know-how, by supporting all companies involved in historic monuments throughout the country.

In addition to these operations, the Centre des monuments nationaux (€140 million, including the Villers-Cotterêts project), as well as the renovation and digitisation of the higher education schools of the Ministry of Culture (€70 million). The allocation of appropriations under the operating envelopes provided for under the recovery plan for performing arts in the regions (€60 million), as well as the detailed programming of appropriations allocated to libraries (€30 million) will be announced shortly.

All the projects are detailed in a map to be found here.

These exceptional resources will be monitored accurately and regularly in their implementation, in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery and the Ministry of Public Accounts.

All of these territorialized resources included in the recovery plan, are intended to be valued within the framework of the State-region plan contracts in order to increase the support of the entire cultural sector.