The MAIF Prize for Sculpture invites artists to explore innovative technologies to put them at the service of their artistic project.

The award for the MAIF Prize for Sculpture takes the form of a complete accompaniment of the winning artist, allowing him to develop his project and produce a sculpture, thanks to innovative technologies, within the framework of an envelope of up to €40,000.

The candidate artist is invited to appropriate innovative technologies as tools in the service of his creation. The goal is to see what art does to innovation rather than what art does to innovation. The technological aspect may be involved during the design stage and/or during the technical implementation. While maintaining the artist’s central place in the creative process, these technologies can be put to use thanks to professionals in the sector who will share their expertise to accompany the artist.

All materials are still possible: wood, stone, metals, bronze, ceramics, glass, resins, organic materials, etc. The sculpture will be produced in two copies: one will go to the artist, the other will join the MAIF collection.

Essential, the new technological tools are means of design and production that artists have seized for their work in fields as different as artificial intelligence, 3D modeling and printing, robotics, etc. These tools are now at the service of contemporary creation but represent an important investment and specific and complex know-how.

Echoing societal developments and current processes of research and artistic production, the MAIF Prize for Sculpture reaffirms its support for artists, giving them the financial, human and technological means to produce a key work for their careers.

Application procedures

1 - Online pre-registration via a form to be completed and available here

2 - The constitution of an application file: details of the content and rules of the Prize to download here

- Deadline for applications: January 22, 2021
- Review of nominations and selection of four finalists in February 2021
- Finalist projects presented to the jury in March 2021
- Award winner announced in the spring

Chloé Villefayot and Inès Piat: prixmaif[@]

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