The Ministry of Culture launches the call for applications for the hosting program "Residence Culture" 2022.

Initiated in 2003, this reception programme aims to promote the development of concrete cooperation projects and the construction of sustainable networks of exchanges between the Ministry of Culture (central government, regional directorates for cultural affairs, public institutions and labeled networks), and more broadly of any non-profit cultural operator and foreign partners. It allows culture professionals from foreign institutions to join administrative teams in France for a continuous period of one to three months.

Target audience: culture professionals from foreign institutions

It is intended for cultural professionals exercising management, management, public development, etc. in their home establishment and wishing to develop a concrete professional project with the host establishment in France, exchange of knowledge and know-how.

The reception of professionals can only be envisaged in support of professional projects (for example the establishment of a draft programming framework or a strategy for broadening audiences) and not in support of artistic projects.

Application: three steps to build a case

  • Identify the structure and develop the internship project

either by the professional coming from abroad who contacts the host structure himself to check the feasibility of the application;
either with the help of the Ministry of Culture according to the needs of the professional and his project, which contacts the host structure to verify the feasibility of the application;
or by the host structure in France according to the cooperation projects carried out and its professional network.

  • Complete the form

The application form must be completed jointly by the applicant and the host structure in France. A reasoned opinion on the application will be requested by the Ministry of Culture at the French Embassy (Service de coopération et d'action culturelle) or at the French Institute of the country of residence of the applicant.

  • Forward the application package

Complete and jointly completed application packages between the professional and the host institution must be submitted to the Ministry by October 15, 2021.
They must contain the following parts;
- Completed form (template sent by the Sub-Directorate for European and International Affairs)
- copy of the passport or national identity card (for European or country nationals for whom a visa is not required) or 1 copy of the passport with the visa if necessary.

Very selective selection procedure

The candidates' attention is drawn to the selectivity of this programme. The selection criteria are:
- the quality of the professional project presented,
- the commitment of the host organisation to accompany the successful candidates and to appoint a tutor,
- the contribution of the professional project presented to a bilateral cultural partnership with France.

The selection of candidates is based on the host institutions and the Ministry of Culture, which ultimately decides.

For selected candidates: scholarship, accommodation and social security covered by the programme

- granting of a grant and social security: successful applicants are awarded a grant of 1,500 euro per month during their entire stay, paid by Alambret Communication on behalf of the Ministry of Culture.
- accommodation: the successful candidates will either be offered accommodation by their host institution (at the expense of the said institution) or by Alambret Communication (at the expense of the applicant, the amount of accommodation being then deducted from their scholarship) ; in all cases, the applicant must check his accommodation conditions.
- Professional coaching;

Attention concerning travel to France: it is at the expense of the employer of the candidate, the candidate, or, possibly, of another partner (for example Embassy of France or French Institute).

Culture Residency Form 2022.doc

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