june 2011
12 p.

In 2008, 440,000 of France’s 23 million salaried workers did at least an hour’s work in the entertainment sector (audiovisual and live performance). Work volumes and pay levels are highly concentrated in the hands of a minority of these salaried workers, with 5% of salaried entertainment workers accounting for 30% of total income revenues. Salaried workers in the entertainment sector are typically flexible and multiskilled, which results in job fragmentation: there is significant reliance on open-ended contacts and benefits payments to top up salaries. Examining workers in terms of their volume of work and hourly rates gives a clear breakdown of 6 main types of worker, from the more committed professionals who spend at least three quarters of their working life in live entertainment (35%) or in audiovisual (37%), to casual workers (11% in audiovisual and 17% in live entertainment).