14, rue Bonaparte
75 272 Paris cedex 06
Telephone: 33 (1) 47 03 50 00, Fax: 33 (1) 47 03 50 80

Today, a thriving Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts continues its 350 year-old tradition of fine-art instruction in a wide range of artistic disciplines: drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking, as well as related techniques: tapestry, stained-glass windows, mosaïc, engraving on medallions and precious stones, lithography and finally, photography and hypermedia, which were added to the curriculum during the last decade. The artistic spirit is carried on as young artists today follow in the footsteps of their 17th century counterparts.

Date of establishment 1816

Current statistics (1995/96)

Director: Alfred Pacquement
Students: 544, of which 30,5% are foreign students
Staff: 217 staff members including 61 instructors