In 1989, Arc Nucléart was born through the merger of the Nucléart laboratory for the treatment and conservation of stone and wood, and the Center for the Study of Wood Submerged in Water, specializing in the treatment of saturated organic materials: wood, leather, wicker, and rope. It was created under an accord by the Ministry of Culture, the Atomic Energy Commission, the Rhône-Alpes Region, the General Council of the Isère, and the city of Grenoble.

At the moment, it occupies 2800 square meters of floorspace with up-to-date equipment at the disposal of a multi-disciplinary crew of physicists, chemists, technicians, restorers, and conservationists.

Cobalt storage pool

Works of art and craft, dating from the Neolithic era to the present, are treated and restored with respect to their places of origin. After preliminary studies, dating, evaluation of the state of deterioration of a piece, determination and analysis of the materials and environmental conditions are conducted, among other things.

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