Provincial Museum of Alberta

Situated in a park setting overlooking the winding North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, the Provincial Museum of Alberta is one of Western Canada's senior museums. The facility, a 1967 Canadian Centennial project, is surrounded by sculpture in a park setting overlooking the spectacular River Valley.

Within the museum, four main galleries reflect Alberta's heritage. The acclaimed Habitat Gallery presents birds and animals in settings recreated from Alberta's four regions: prairie, aspen, parkland, and mountain and boreal forest.

Exquisite minerals are showcased in the Treasures of the Earth display which is part of the new Geological Sciences Gallery. The other section, Reading the Rocks, presents a geological puzzle of Alberta for kids to solve.

The Natural History Gallery presents plant and animals from ancient time to present day. One of the most popular displays is the Bug Room, a year round feature with live exotic insects from the world over.

The Museum's Folklife Program has established an extensive collection of artifacts, photographs, and audio recordings on Alberta's diverse cultural communities. The program currently has field research projects in Western Canada's Muslim, Polish and Orthodox Christian communities.

The new Aboriginal Peoples Gallery, which will be entirely renovated, expanded, and opened in 1996, contains artifacts of early life on the praries. The Museum's collection of aboriginal artifacts is among the finest in North America.