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Narrative scenes

Apart from that kind of representations, showing a full-length saint,
a stronger devotion can lead to the representation of the saint's life.

It is precisely the case for Saint Mary-Magdalen in Auron, where some episodes of her life that have occurred in Provence are represented, such as her preaching to the people of Marseilles or her death in Saint-Maximin.

Like her sister Martha, Mary-Magdalen belong to the group of saints of Bethany, Provence's evangelists.

Her presence in the county of Nice proves the links between the two regions.

Overview - Mary-Magdalen' cycle of life-

Less universally revered, two other saints are represented in Auron.

The legend of Saint Erige justifies his presence.

Overview - Saint Erige' cycle of life-

As bishop of Gap, Erige was coming back from Rome where he had met pope Gregory the Great, when he was attacked by bandits in a place called « Colla Longa » on the other side of the Tinée.

The legend says his horse miraculously cleared the five hundred metres deep valley at one bound and found itself on the plateau of Auron, at the very spot where the chapel has been built.

The cycle of Saint Denis, the only preserved one in the Southern Alps, illustrates the narration of the Golden Legend, collection of lives of saints written by Dominican Jacques de Voragine in the XIIIth century.

It thus both narrates the episodes about Saint Denis the Aeropagit, Paul's disciple in Athens and those related to the martyr of the bishop of Paris who had his head cut in the late IIIrd century.

This confusion between the two homonymous characters was frequent in the Middle Ages.

The reason of the presence of this saint in Auron seems to be related to the personal devotion of the donor.

Saint Denis episodes

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