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New themes in the late XVth century

The evolution of the religious feeling, in the late Middle Ages, also express the Virgin's piety.
Images, as well as texts, kept this memory.

With the spreading of the narration of Saint Brigitte of Sweden 's vision, during which the Virgin herself told her about Jesus' birth, a new iconography of the Nativity appeared.

Worship of Jesus

The Virgin's attitude changes :
now she is on her knees, worshipping the naked baby lying on a tail of her coat.

This Adoration of the Child is intended to show, despite the familiar and anecdotal character of the creche (kept by the image) the divine character of Christ, whose mother has been the first one to feel since He was born.

In the same way, the other aspect of the double nature of Christ, « true God, true man », is also emphasized by new devotions, and thus new images marked with familiarity .

the Saint Family

It is the case for the Holy Family, which acknowledge Saint Joseph as Jesus' foster father, on the walls of the small rural chapel of Benva.

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