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Scenes with a dogmatic content

The innumerable representations of the Virgin and Child and the Virgin of the Passion, clearly showing the maternal tenderness or pain, can be understood by all and moves our sensitivity.

But other images of the Virgin are related to more essential theological notions.

Like the scene of the Annunciation.


On the damaged front of Notre-Dame of Benva, the only hands of the angel remain with Mary, while he is pronouncing the words of the Salutation.

One can distinguish the vase of lilies traditionally placed between the two characters, the dove of the Holy Spirit, as well as Child Jesus coming down from Heaven to become incarnate in Mary's womb.

This scene is thus a way to show the mystery of the Incarnation, base of the Christian dogma.

It is the same for the representation of the Virgin's Coronation.

Setting her on the same throne as her Son, at the centre of the Heavenly Court, this glorification of a simple woman shows the reward that any humble faithful can hope to obtain.

Virgin's Coronation

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