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Scenes from the Virgin's life

Very popular in the Middle Ages, the apocryphal Gospels were read especially
because of their details on Mary's life.

Virgin's birth

The episodes that have preceded the Virgin's birth :
- The sadness of her parents, old and sterile, the circumstances of her conception
- Her Childhood and her engagement can be the object of true pictorial cycles, like in La Brigue.

At the other extremity of her life, the cycle of the Virgin's death ends with the Assumption.

This belief (that only became a dogma in 1950) is the way up to Heaven of both her body and soul. It was shown to the faithful under the iconographic form present in La Brigue.
The Virgin, standing, hands together, is surrounded by a « mandorla » (geometric figure issued from two segments of circle, closer to the shape of an almond : mandorla in latin).


Flying angels support the coloured mandorla in its ascending movement.

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