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The Judgement

Everyone 's fate in the hereafter (reward or punishment)
depends on his behaviour and repentance.
This conviction explains the high frequency
of this theme in medieval paintings.

The location and iconography are very typical.

Last Judgement

This large scene usually occupies the inner part of the front.

It is the vision the faithful take with them when they leave the church, the lesson that accompanies their return to civil life.

The central character is Christ judging.
In such a circumstance, he is always wrapped in his coat in order to show his five wounds.

Redeeming Christ

In spite of the collective character of the scenes of the Resurrection of the dead and the Last Judgement, the latter keeps an individual value as each soul is weighed by Saint Michael.

Saint Michael

According to the inclination of the scales' plate, the soul will become part of the elect or else be rejected among the damned, tortured by devils.

Saint Michael

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