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Working tools

The shepherd surprised in his activity by the apparition of the angel of the Nativity, is preparing food with the milk of his ewes and goats.

shepherd making cheese

Behind him, a wooden milking bucket is set on the ground and there is a cauldron in front of it.

He must be using the ladle and the bowl he is holding on his knees in some stage of the cheese making.

In the left part of this scene of the Flight to Egypt, questioned by the soldiers is holding a wicker basket ; he is leading its oxen attached by a yoke.

In his exile, Saint Joseph has taken his carpenter's tools : an axe attached to his belt, a long saw on his shoulder.

The keg containing a small quantity of drinking water is used by travellers and by those who work far from their home.

peasant and carpenter

The donkey is the most commonly used mount in the alpine area. It is harnessed by a halter and a pack.

The transport of the land and craftsmanship's produce is also made by means of carts.


The one represented here belongs to a miracle scene, that is why it is used as a funeral cart, pulled by a bear.

In ordinary life, such a carriage could not be found ; it was often composed of a pair of oxen

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