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Daily life - Objects -

Objects of the daily life

The anachronism constantly practiced by medieval painters,
when they replace episodes of the Holy History in their own time,
allows to research in their works the representation of implements
and tools used in their daily life.


The supplying of water to the house is an important task :

servant transporting a bucket of water

A servant is transporting it in a wooden bucket placed on her head ;

Another woman is preparing the bath of a new-born baby in a basin placed upon the bench-coffer, alongside the bed : with her hand she is checking the water's temperature that she can modify by pouring the content of a jug.

preparing the bath of a new-born baby

The kitchen

From the chimney's hood a ringed trammel is hanging, in order to hang a cauldron more or less close to the flames according to the cooking directions.

Firedogs hold back the logs.

Here, the object attached to the trammel is a « calen », that is to say a metallic oil lamp whose curved stem allows to be hanged in various places.

cooking in the chimney

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