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Masculine headdress

Diversity and hierarchy also appear in masculine headdress.

forage cap

Manual workers wear a simple cap, which bridles are either attached under the chin or on top of the head, as shown on this picture.


To put the chaperon required a certain dexterity. : this long piece of cloth is rolled around the top of the head so that the two tails stick out.

One of them is short and falls on one side of the head, while the other, longer, drapes the shoulders with suppleness. When the weather is bad, it can also be wrapped more tightly around the neck and the ears to protect them from the cold.

Some pomp hats, like the one worn by this centurion of the Crucifixion in La Brigue, distinguish themselves by their wide borders and rich materials , here peacock's feathers.

pomp hat

The pourpoint of this centurion presents the same exceptional character, with its rich decoration, and the expensive elaborated textile it is made of.

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Feminine headgear -