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The implements

Clothes are completed by costume implements.

The belt, usually a simple leather lash, sometimes bears nails like in on this picture.


Women's belt can be made by a goldsmith and constitute a real jewel, considered as such in dowry or succession inventories.

neck ornament

Very few women wear neck ornaments such as the large flat linked chain, with an elaborate medallion, worn by Pilate's wife on her rich clothes.

Indispensable implement of the costume, the aiguillette are laces to attach together two clothes or two pieces of cloth (" braies " or breeches, and shirts for example).

With their seams unpicked to give more comfort, the shirt in thin textile sticking out of these slits, the sleeves of this bowman are punctuated by " aiguillettes " attached at regular gaps.


Reserved by painters for old people and wise men, like this Jewish high priest in La Brigue, glasses have been of common use since the early XVth century.

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