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Representation of the paintings - Technique -


The wall paintings can be executed according to various techniques.
They are not all «a fresco» :
this expression must be reserved to the paintings done on a fresh plastering.
The paintings that are on a dry surface are called «in tempera».
The «mixed technique» is when a plastering is moistened again just before the execution of the paintings that are finished on dry surface.

Partition of the wall

At an early stage of the execution of the painting, the borders that surround the scenes are set into place : by dipping in paint strings, either tight or beaten against the wall, or else by painting or carving lines.

medallion with human's face

The use of a compass with a metallic head is very frequent in the medallion punctuating the borders of the nave in Notre-Dame des Fontaines.

medallion with human's face

- Transfer of the drawing -
Painting -