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Environment and personalities

Nevertheless the upholding of local traditions allows the introduction of new elements.

The putto romping in a foliated scroll in Auron is not only a proof of it being in fashion, according to the taste of the Renaissance ;

it also stands as a proof of the "Master of Lusernetta" belonging to the movement formed by Piedmontese painters marked by the style of Giacomo Jacquerio, active in the House of Savoy from 1404 to 1453.

Territories of the House of Savoy at the end of the XVth century

Jean Canavesio expresses himself with angles as it appears
in the Crucifixion in Saint-Etienne-de-Tinée.

The richness of the twisted and broken drapes, the abundant use of scrolls winding in helixes, the colours almost as crude as the light, are as many examples of the Piedmontese painting of the time.

The dramatic tension of the scene is typical of the style given to this cycle.

The long inscriptions of the scrolls gave a scholarly character to the paintings.

- Movements and periphery -