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Ornamental patterns

The ornamental patterns play an important part in the decoration of painted chapels.

They combine elements mostly
from a range of geometrical figures or in the vegetable kingdom.

Link with architecture

Those patterns have precise locations, strictly imposed by architectural shapes, to underline them :

Keystones, around which the fan-shaped folds of the « sky's tent» unfurl,

Ribs accentuated by foliated scrolls interrupted by rhombs and doubled here and there by twisted bands.

Extreme heads of the vaults, occupied by foliated scrolls.

Heraldic elements can fit into this organization that structures the walls, like in the chapel Saint-Sebastian in Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée.
At the extreme right of the lower border of the lunette, one can distinguish the cross of the House of Savoy.

The lower part of the walls, more exposed to shocks and wear, never bear any paintings. Diamond-shaped patterns, with their effect of relief, compose a base in trompe l'oeil.

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Patterns integrated into the narrative scenes -