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northern side - personification of the Virtues
Nave, vault, northern side
- Global view : Heavenly Jerusalem, personification of the Virtues

The outlines of the characters as well as the foliated scrolls have been drawn quickly, with a steady hand. The painter does not care for details ; folds remain hasty and clumsy.

As the financial means of the community were probably reduced, no expensive pigments have been used and the range of colours is reduced.

The painter updates his manner in some way, by the details of the costume (shoes, beret), but the procedure is essentially archaic (bits of heads superposed to represent a crowd, for example, or treatment of the grounds). However, the painter was not the only one to perpetuate these procedures, in the early XVIth : that is why he belongs to the alpine area, and also because he has chosen ornamental patterns for the backgrounds and the frames, that were really appreciated in the valley of the Monregalese.

Anonymous, the painter of Notre-Dame de Benva has probably been trained in Piedmont and has practiced his job as a journeyman, taking orders from rural communities more sensitive to the content of the paintings than to the innovative character of the technique.