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Presentation of the CD-ROM

The iconographic documents presented in the pages " Visit of the chapels ", " Daily life ", " Religious life " and " Realization of the paintings " are extracts from the image data base of the

Volume n°1, the Southern Alps

CD-Rom box

This first title of the collection is dedicated to a few chosen works of the Southern Alps.
With 1200 indexed images, this iconographic encyclopaedia presents four painted chapels :

the chapel Saint-Erige or chapel of Ariez (Auron, Maritime Alps)
the sanctuary Notre-Dame-des-Fontaines (la Brigue, Maritime Alps)
the chapel Saint-Sebastian( Saint-Etienne-de-Tinée, Maritime Alps)
the chapel Notre-Dame of Benva (Lorgues, Var)

as well as a large polyptyque :

the retable of the Passion (Saint-Maximin, Var)

Those five works of the late Middle Ages, executed in the Eastern Provence, allow a free trip into the universe of the painting and mentalities of that time.

A multitude of details invites to the complete discovery of the painting and the reconstruction of the artist's work. The historical dimension of these paintings is restored thanks to the texts written by historians of art. These texts, as well as the list of the 2300 key-words, are to be found in a booklet attached to the CD-ROM

This unprecedented work proposes, by means of a data base, the access to a rich iconographic encyclopaedia. According to those who have seen it, it constitutes a tool for research and knowledge of a high quality.

Minimum required configuration


Apple Macintosh LC or superior, 8Mo of Ram, minimum 14'' colour screen, from 256 colours, 65000 colours recommended, CD-ROM XA drive,
System 7 or superior.


PC 486 SX, 8Mo of Ram, Sound Blaster card, 14'' SVGA colour screen superior or equal to 65000 colours, CD-ROM XA drive,
operating system Microsoft WINDOWS 3.1 or superior.

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