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central part of the back of the front - Last Judgement -
Inner part of the front, central part
- Global view : Last judgement -

Christ Redeemer is represented stripped to the waist, wearing a large red coat, surrounded by a mandorla of seraphs.
He is judging, raising his hand in sign of curse, rays burst out of his wounds towards the damned.

Above him, angels are carrying the implements of the Passion ; two rows of six apostles are sitting on stalls with baldachins.

Virgin Mary and Saint John-The Baptist, both of them on their knees and hands together, stand out on the right and left of Christ as his intercessors.

At the feet of Christ is Saint Michael.

Below, a half-length portrait of Job has been added in the XVIIth century.

Last judgement - Detail : saint Michael -Last judgement - Detail : saint Michael's face -