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Chapel Saint-Sebastian

The chapel Saint-Sebastian was built during the second half of the XVth in Saint-Etienne-de-Tinée, locality situated at the foot of the col of Restefond which joins the valley of the Tinée and the valley of the Ubaye. Eastward, the valley of the Tinée leads into Italy by the col of the Lombard.

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Exterior view of the chapel

map of the chapel

As early as the XIVth century, it had a heavy traffic and trade area (fairs, markets, transit).

Situated at the entrance of the village, the chapel is dedicated to Saint Sebastian, protector against the plague.

Coming from the coast, several epidemics hit hard the « New lands of Provence » (old name for the County of Nice) by successive waves in 1467, 1498 and 1524.

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