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Central niche between the two apses and baldachin
- Global view : cycle of Saint Mary-Magdalen’s life -

The central niche illustrates some episodes of Mary-Magdalen’s life.

In the centre, two angels are about to take her up to Heaven, wrapped in her long blond hair.

In the cul-de-four of the vault, a majestic Christ is represented.

On the left, Mary-Magdalen is buried by Saint Martha and Saint Maximin, and an angel comes to take her soul.

On the right, the meeting between the revived Christ and Mary-Magdalen. This scene is also known as " Noli me tangere ".

On the front of the baldachin, the Saint is preaching to the people of Marseilles.

The Calvary, situated below the great representation of the saint, served as a retable to the small altar that was set there.