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Right apse - Saint Erige's cycle of life
Right apse
- Global view -

The right chapel (main apse) is dedicated to saint Erige.

The wall paintings are developed according to two superposed registers :

In the upper part (cul-de-four of the vault), a glorified Christ is represented.
He's sitting in a mandorla. In his left hand, he's holding the book of life, opened, on which a passage of the Gospel according to Saint John, in gothic characters. In his right hand, he 's blessing people.

He's surrounded by symbols of the four Evangelists represented under the traditional form of the tetramorph : on the left the eagle (St John) and the lion (St Mark), on the right the angel (St Matthew) and the ox (St Luke). Each one of them is holding a scroll upon which is written a sentence from their own Gospel.

In the lower part, six episodes of Saint Erige's life are illustrated on the same register.

The cycle has to be read from left to right :
- Saint Erige floors the dragon.
- Saint Erige is welcomed by pope Saint Gregory, in Rome.
- Saint Erige heals the leprous.
- Saint Erige, praying, sings with the angels.
- Saint Ysicius, bishop of Grenoble, gives his last communion to Saint Erige.
- The saint is led to his last resting place by an ox and a bear.

Each one of the partitions is surrounded by a black filet and separated from the following one by a white band, creating a relief effect.