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Chapel Saint-Erige, Auron Apse's wall, extremity of the northern wall :
- double apse and central niche -
- Global view of the decoration -

The painted decoration of this wall, probably done in tempera, does not present any real global programme but three cycles and some isolated figures.

The main apse, on the right, is dedicated to a glorified Christ in the cul-de-four, and to six episodes of Saint Erige's life, below.

The left apse is dedicated to the cycle of Saint Denis' life, with its twelve episodes, divided into three registers.

Around the apse's arch, the twelve apostles have been represented but very few remain today.

In a symmetrical disposition, above the main apse, the series of the prophets used to be represented but it has been almost completely destroyed.
In a symmetrical disposition, above the main apse, the series of the prophets, almost completely destroyed, was represented.

A baldachin niche dedicated to Saint Mary-Magdalen is backed on to the wall at the far end of the chapel, between the two apses.

The painted decoration of chapel Saint-Erige is posterior to the erecting of the church, which existence is established in a pontifical text of 1333.
Indeed, an inscription painted on one of the apses gives the precise date (October of 1451) as well as the sleeping partner's name, Ludovic Rapuo, from Saint-Etienne-de-Tinée, maybe one of the well-heeled landowners that shared the pasture lands and woods of Auron.

Right apse - Saint Erige's cycle of life Central niche between two apses and baldachin - Mary-Magdalen's cycle of life Overview of the apse wall - double apse and central niche