85 Paintings from the collections of the Louvre

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The major Corot retrospective, shown in Paris and Ottawa and later in New York, celebrating the second centenary of the birth of Camille Corot, has led the Research Labotory of the Museums of France to publish a CD-ROM. In conjonction with the Painting Departement of the Louvre Museum, the Restoration Departement of the Museums of France, the French Departement of International Affairs and the RMN - the Federation of French Museum.

This CD-ROM opens up to all the high technology and althere inaccessible world of the scientific study of art painting.

It is organized around a number of themes (outdoor study painting, landscapes reworked in the studio - among them Corot's "souvenir" or reminiscence pictures - portraits ans figure studies, pentimenti), X-rays and photographs taken under side lighting and in infrared and ultraviolet light have revealed secret aspects of these paintings normally hidden to the naked eye.

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